Sustainably Grateful

Energetically-Inspired Living, Jewelry & Art


Our Promise

Gratitude is a powerful force that catalyzes positive transformation and shapes reality as we know it. To act Sustainably is to live, create and be in harmony with Mother Earth and the Universe within as well as all around us.  These principles are the guiding precepts of Sustainably Grateful, an energetically-inspired fine arts & healing arts cooperative based at the Root Chakra of the world, Mount Shasta, California. We create positive transformation in our environment and community through our artistic creations. We honor natural beauty & the richness of nature’s gifts in sustainably-made jewelry, visionary art, mineral specimens, crystal healing and more.

We are dedicated to creating original works of art and jewelry which honor the Earth throughout the process of design, creation and manifestation and sale. All metals used in our work is certified green by the Responsible Jewelry Council.  All textiles utilized are organic or repurposed materials sourced from the (SSNIP) Siskiyou Spay Neuter Incentive Program, 501(c)(3).  Several paintings available for acquisition utilize Elephant Dung Paper, and a percentage of the revenue will benefit the (TECC) Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang, Thailand. The bulk of our materials are either recycled, reused, or eco-consciously produced. We use minimal electricity in our work and use primarily hand tools and handcrafted techniques. We are continually growing to incorporate more Earth-friendly and fair trade materials in our works. We promise to vibrate with Love and commit to a conscious lifestyle and livelihood, that will benefit all beings and create a positive change for the Earth, our communities, families and selves.


In 2008, we formed a partnership to focus on manifesting goodness in the world through thought and action. This calling was affirmed when attending the Florida School of Massage in 2010. The power to bring about positive change with a foundation in awareness and universal consciousness was explored. These concepts, combined with Love, Peace and a desire to always be evolving and thriving is expressed through our art. It is our intention that your heart is lifted and your mind is filled with wonder.

Jewelry & Metalwork 

Anthony creates fine jewelry with exquisite design and positive energetic intention. His inspiration flows from the energetic composition of the gems and minerals in each piece. Each gem vibrates with a different piezoelectric signature that he expresses with the movement and shape of the metal. Creative works are constructed with materials certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council as recycled or fairly traded fine metals and the choicest of geo-mined gem specimens, ensuring as small of an environmental impact as possible. Take a look at Anthony’s creations, journey through never before seen hues and hypnotizing techniques. Feel the still reverberation of ancient wisdom found in Nature’s beauty, ripple through you.  Anthony’s work is featured in the gift shop of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, founded by visionary artists, Alex & Allyson Grey.

Visionary Art & Healing Arts 

Surrender to a sweet moment of total Bliss & Balance as you reflect upon the Art of Healing with Sunkiss, live visionary artist and certified massage therapist (CAMTC# 48452). Sunkiss infuses her paintings with the healing energy of sound, ancient symbols and a rich, diverse color scheme. Her materials of choice include Watercolors, Wild Finds and Upcycled Textiles. Community service includes creating art & apparel that benefit the (TECC) Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang, Thailand and (SSNIP) Siskiyou Spay Neuter Incentive Program, 501(c)(3). A Kundalini crystal healing or massage session with Sunkiss will leave you restored and surrounded by a rejuvenated crystalline auric body. Experience the Art of Healing with Sunkiss—and create a Blessing of Balance & Bliss, within yourself and all around you.


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